Bluegill Nutrition

Calories in fresh bluegill/sunfish fillets. get healthy alternatives or nutrition facts on fresh bluegill/sunfish fillets including the amount of calories, fat.

april 16

Sunfish nutrition project. project summary: the feasibility of using bluegill for aquaculture purposes in the north central united states is promising.   
Easy bluegill recipes, panfish recipes, methods to cook bluegill, nutrition value: calories in wild caught bluegill per serving size 4 oz: calories 128, ethical responsiveness.  


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April 16, 2013
Salisbury 6-0 13-3
York (Pa.) 4-1 12-3
St. Mary's (Md.) 4-1 9-5
Frostburg St. 1-3 9-5
Mary Washington 1-3 7-5
Marymount (Va.) 0-4 7-5
Wesley 0-4 4-7
S&P 5001552.36  chart-36.49  chart -2.30%
NASDAQ3216.49  chart-78.46  chart -2.38%